Where to get the best views of Darwin City

There’s just something about a city skyline – and Darwin may be small – but we’re pretty! Check out our favourite places to get the best view of Darwin’s city skyline and take in the wonder of our tropical capital city.

East Point

Arguably one of our favourite places in D-town – East Point has the perfect view back towards the city, through the trees and over the beautiful blue waters of Darwin Harbour.

Drive / walk / skate right out to the end for unparalleled views!

east point city skyline
View from the end of East Point

Charles Darwin National Park

It seems that many of our favourite spots to view the skyline are actually from through the trees – which says a lot about our city! Charles Darwin National Park is home to some fabulous walks, interesting history displays, mountain bike trails, and native vegetation. The view is a bonus! Just remember your insect repellant!

From the Charles Darwin viewing platform

Stokes Hill Wharf

While it’s a closer view, it’s still a great one. Looking back over the convention centre, waterfront precinct and with the high-rises in the back – it’s a beautiful sight to behold! Extra points for sunrise viewing here, it’s one of the best places to see the sunrise over the water, and the light hits the buildings and it’s fabulous!

Driving down Tiger Brennan

Bear with us here… there is one moment when you come over the hill from Palmerston and the city appears in view – and it’s awesome! There’s always something about coming over a hill to see a city skyline… BUT bonus points if you can find a mate that lives in an apartment in Woolner / Stuart Park, just off Tiger Brennan Drive – their view is absolutely unrivaled for storm season!

city view darwin
The city by day and by night, from apartments in Woolner

From the water

No matter whether you’re on a sunset cruise, a sailing boat, or out on a jetski – looking back at our city from the harbour is something else! Surrounded by vegetation and endearingly compact, a boat or jetski tour on the harbour is a great way to learn about some of the history of the City of Darwin.

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