East Point Reserve: A comprehensive guide

East Point

So you’ve walked East Point Reserve, and maybe been to Pee Wees at the Point? How great! What if we told you there were SO many more things that East Point has to offer? Check out our favourites below…

Beach walks

The walking path is one of our favourite walks in Darwin, but don’t be afraid to leave it! Some of the best views at East Point are found when you leave the paths! There are a few hidden entrances to the beach and nice little spots to sit on the cliffs, so don’t be afraid to explore – just *please* make sure you stay safe near cliff edges & near the water!

Accessible picnic tables

East Point is a fantastic picnic spot for everyone! There are 3 tables along the first stretch of East Point Road (before you get to the Reserve Entrance) that have sealed paths from the road all the way to the beautiful ocean view tables, and allow for your own chair/wheelchairs at the end. They’ve just put in a brand new one at the start of the East Point Path too – perfect!!

Mangrove walk

If you divert off the main road when you hit the playgrounds, and into the carpark to the right, you’ll see a path with a sign to the Mangrove Boardwalk. It’s super cool to do at both high and low tide – at low tide you can see the red crabs down in the mud, and at high tide, the end of the walkway actually goes underwater which makes for a cool photo!

Gym with a view

A new addition to the Point last year – the Spartan Parks outdoor gym is a popular way to keep fit – and we can see why! How’s that for a workout view?!

East Point Outdoor Gym
East Point Gym – the view is free!

Lake Alexander

On the right-hand side, as you enter East Point Reserve, you’ll see a lake! It’s saltwater, so it is great for a quick stinger-free dip, a picnic, or a paddle around on a Stand Up Paddleboard through Fun Supply – Lake Alexander is a great place to spend an hour or two!

Watch model planes fly

Did you know East Point also had an airstrip?? If you’re doing the whole loop, keep your eyes to the sky on the path between the military ruins and the Mangrove Boardwalk, there’s a model plane club! There are often model planes doing loops, and it is super fun to watch!

Wildlife spotting

Over 200 wallabies call East Point Reserve home! As you’re walking, riding, or driving around – make sure you keep your eyes peeled! We can almost guarantee that if the sun is out, there will be some wallabies relaxing on the grass in the fields!

wildlife east point reserve
Watch for Wallabies!

See unique war history

Not only is it home to the Darwin Military Museum, but you can freely wander East Point and see how much of a part it played in the protection of Australia during World War II. Past the Military Museum is the huge precinct of old gun turrets and ammunition stores – it’s super interesting the way they had to adjust operations to account for the weather in the tropics – make sure you read the signs!

There’s also a little-known area where the council have restored some anti-aircraft gun emplacements to original condition, they’re in a park along Colivas Road, which is just to the east of the main entry to East Point!

A great view of the City

Darwin City from East Point Reserve
View of the city from East Point

If you venture past Pee Wees and all the way to the fork in the road – go straight. You’ll come to a car park/picnic area, and if you walk to the left, it’s a fantastic place to take in the beauty of Darwin City in all its tropical, ocean glory.

There’s also the cement walls of an old small war building left, which makes a great spot to sit and take it in, and a GREAT storm-watching spot as they come in over the city!

Explore the science trail

The East Point loop isn’t just a pretty walk, it’s actually a science trail! The City of Darwin initiative includes signs along the route, an interactive map you can download, and even the chance to record what you see on the Climate Watch app.

You’ll learn about erosion, mangroves, animal habitats and revegetation along the way – look out for the 10 signs!

Dedicated sunset viewing area

sunset east point reserve
East Point sunset viewing area

Did you know there was a dedicated sunset viewing area? A lot of us just park up on the rocks or on the grass – but there’s actually a little viewing theatre that points directly west – perfect!

Pull into the car park at the fork in the road between Pee Wees and the Military Museum, and head towards the shelter. You’ll see the steps down to the perfect sunset view!

The site of the most ‘Darwin’ world record ever – The Rocksitters Club

We’re going to leave a little bit of mystery here because if you haven’t yet, we really want you guys to read this sign for yourselves – it truly is a great Darwin story!

So please – make your way out to the very point of East Point, right around past the Military Museum, and look for the flag pole on the rocks. Nearby you’ll find a plaque that explains how a group of Darwin legends broke maybe the quirkiest world record ever, right there on East Point.

If it happens to be a Saturday, you might even see them there!

Coastal Walking Trail

Did you know the trail that circuits around East Point Reserve also connects into the coastal walking trail that weaves along the coastline, through Vestey’s Lagoon, and up to the Museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territory?

If you’re up for a big walk, or you’re just keen for a change of scenery – follow the path along the coastline back towards Mindil Beach. You’ll pass the Trailer Boat, Sailing Club AND the Ski Club – so if you need a refreshment or a weekend breakfast/coffee, it’s also a great path to follow!

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