FAQs: How do you handle the heat in Darwin?

Darwin Heat
Hot tips for a tropical climate

We get a lot of questions to our inbox, and one of the most asked is ‘What can you do about the heat in Darwin?’

Most people here are used to it, and potentially rolling their eyes now, but our weather can feel a little warm for the southerners… Even if that is just the way we like it!

There’s a LOT to love about an endless summer like the one we have here in the Top End – so we took to socials and asked people who live here for their best tips on how they EMBRACE the Darwin heat, all year round…

Stay Sunsmart

It might be a bit cliché NT – but you’re going to need a wide brimmed hat. Whether it’s for fashion or not – it’s essential to keep the sun off your face on all of your adventures!

Swim (safely) at every chance you get

What a great excuse to actually get out and adventure!! One of our favourite things about it rarely dipping below 30 degrees during the day – is that you always feel like adventuring to a rock hole or a waterfall or a hidden spring!

Choose your clothing

Whether you’re just visiting or whether you’re here to stay – forget about wearing light grey, ditch anything thick or tight, opting for sleeveless gives you less chance for sweat patches – and flowing linen and breathable fabric is best!!

And an extra tip for the girls – less makeup is your friend. Lean into it!

Buy a Yeti

Hot tip, if you’re going for a picnic at the beach, out to the waterfalls, or just to someone’s pool for a drink… you’re going to need a Yeti. An ordinary stubby cooler just doesn’t cut it here!

Always carry a water bottle

…Bonus points for a reusable, insulated one!!!

Darwin heat Yeti
A beautiful, outdoor picnic….. and a Yeti!

Have cold showers

The hot tap is rarely turned on here. One of the greatest feelings ever is a cold shower after a long day! They’re excellent to wake you up in the morning too – and it’s a great habit to get into!

Take a handheld fan

If you’re going to the markets or a footy game, a handheld fan is actually a ripper idea. People will only be looking at you because they want one too!

Say ‘Jeez it’s hot’ at least 3 times a day

Don’t knock it until you try it… more than one person said this was their strategy… and we swear it actually works!

Always carry a hair tie

If you’ve got hair longer than your shoulders – have a hair tie handy at all times. Getting hair stuck to the sweat on the back of your neck isn’t advised, and it sure doesn’t help you keep cool! Getting air onto the sweat on your neck though? Instant relief!!

Make sure your house / hotel / friend’s place has a pool

Sometimes, no matter how good your strategies are – you just need to jump into a pool. Make sure your house, friend’s house, or hotel you’re staying in has a swimming pool.

If all else fails – go and jump into one of our Pool Bars!

Embrace it!

One thing you just get used to – you’re going to be sweaty. Embrace it!!

No one even looks twice at you if you’re sweating here – the sooner you come to terms with a few beads of sweat, or some sneaky sweat patches when you’re walking around the markets – the better!

There is so much to love about an endless summer and if you can manage to implement a few of these little tips, you’ll be just fine. Besides – who would want to be cold anyway? Not us!!!

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