Sky Barre – Darwin’s coolest new fitness studio!

Skybarre Darwin

Recently, we were lucky enough to test out Darwin’s coolest new fitness studio: Sky Barre.

Located just off Cavenagh Street, across from the Post Office, Sky Barre is a first of its kind in Darwin, and offers all the top fitness trends in one location – Barre, Pilates, Aerial Yoga & Aerial Fitness!

As two mildly uncoordinated women, we’d be lying if we said we weren’t a little uncertain about signing up for the Aerial Play class in our lunch break – but the whole point was to get out of our comfort zone!

We were working with the Lyra – Hoops – and despite one of us comparing the other to a ‘graceful sloth’ halfway through the class (a compliment, right?) – we were actually surprised by how much we could learn in a single class, as complete beginners!

The classes are steadily paced, however that doesn’t mean you don’t feel the burn! By the end of the one hour session, we were upside down, in the hoop with no hands, and swinging around the place with ease! And honestly- it was SO MUCH FUN!

Sky Barre

We caught up with Leanne Hunt, founder and studio manager, after our class for a quick chat…

Are your aerial classes the only of their kind in Darwin?

SkyBarre’s Aerial Play classes are very unique, our instructors take the time to guide you through a series of strength-building sequences where after 4 weeks will be transformed into a graceful dance. We are currently teaching the Lyra (hoop) and Silks.

It’s a fun, empowering class where you will build upper body and core strength, improve your flexibility and comfort working at heights.

What are the benefits of Pilates, Barre and Aerial?

All of our classes are low impact with a strong focus on stretch and lengthening the core, for that highly sort after ballerina posture.

Our Barre classes are designed combining elements of Pilates, strength training, cardio intervals and ballet inspired dance moves to create a dynamic though low impact workout. You will increase your strength and endurance, flexibility, cardiovascular fitness.

Our Pilates class format follows the traditional Mat Pilates technique with a strong focus on strengthening the body’s ‘Powerhouse’, a Pilates term that refers to your abdominals, lower back muscles, pelvic floor, hips and glutes and aids in improving flexibility and posture.

Aerial Yoga allows you to flow deeper into stretches and holds whilst the silk hammock cradles your body providing much needed support, allowing gravity to slowly decompress joints and provide length to your spine.

Aerial Play is performed on a Lyra (hoop), Trapeze or our silk hammocks – bringing together strength and the gracefulness of aerial dance, with a focus on strength building sequences and routines, flexibility, graceful poses and building comfort working at heights.

Can people of all fitness levels take part in the classes?  

Absolutely! All our classes are low impact and modifications are offered by our highly skilled instructors when required. Exercise and keeping “fit” should not be a competition, it’s about moving your body, trying new things and challenging yourself!

We have people of all ages and fitness levels attend our classes – I am inspired daily with the progress our beautiful members have made since opening in August.

sky barre

What inspired you to open Sky Barre?

As a Personal Trainer & Group Fitness Instructor, I found my passion for helping women find their confidence to create strong healthy bodies for life. I had always worked in a gym environment, which was fun, though I was unable to create the space that I so deeply wanted to within that environment, so I felt stuck. This inspired me to be open to new possibilities

With the support of my partner,  beautiful and talented instructors, we have created that space, not just another fitness facility, rather a community of like-minded people who love to support one another.

What do you love most about owning your own studio?

There is no hierarchy, no politics, just my passion for helping people reach their goals in a safe, welcoming and controlled and absolutely beautiful space.

What’s your ‘hot tip’ as a Darwin local?

Do your research and buy local where you can to always support your Darwin community!

Check out how you can trial a class at Sky Barre here

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