Darwin skate spots

Looking for Darwin skate spots? You can’t find many paths in Darwin without a longboarder or someone on skates soaking up the sunset as they cruise – and we don’t blame them!

Whether you’re an East Point / Nightcliff Foreshore regular and you’re looking for a new path, or you’re just starting out on a skateboard, longboard, roller skates, or blades – we’ve teamed up with the crew from Darwin Skate School and Shiner Town to bring you a list of the best Darwin skate spots!

Skate Parks

  • Leanyer Skate Park
  • Jingili
  • Palmerston
  • Humpty Doo
  • Howard Springs Bump Track

Skate paths / tracks / loops

Casuarina Coastal Reserve

The path at Dripstone Cliffs is super smooth with a big hill down to Rapid Creek. The path through Rapid Creek is smooth and straight and connects to the Nightcliff Foreshore, and it’s a favourite for walking AND skating!

East Point Loop

The path is varied, with a few rough patches around Pee Wees Restaurant – but it’s long and brilliant views! Our favourite section is out the back, near the mangrove walk along the aeroclub strip – it is super smooth and straight – perfect for beginners!

Stuart Highway Cycle Path (behind Sweet Brew/F45)

Another super smooth and straight path, this one is a good connector from Stuart Park to the CBD, and comes out at McMinn Street in the city.

Nightcliff Foreshore

Perfect cruising path with ocean views and a smooth ride – there are also cafes & pubs along the way! It does make you great at carving too, as it is very popular!

Waterfront precinct (for roller skates only)

Great paths around the Restaurant precinct, but also busy traffic. The break wall is lovely and smooth and connects to the Convention Centre which has some beautiful marble flooring.
**Note – no skateboards allowed! In built-up areas with lots of pedestrians, shops, and windows, skateboards are excluded due to the increased risk of boards flying into pedestrians and glass windows. It’s a safety thing! Sorry skaters!

City Esplanade 

Great views but watch the loose pavers! It’s a short and sweet ride – about 20 mins there and back, a nice little inner-city break!

darwin skate spots
Walking to the skate path on the city esplanade

Holtze Track Palmerston/Yarrawonga

A smooth, straight and long path. Very little traffic! Hit up the section that runs behind Yarrawonga in Palmerston – it’s part of the original railway corridor. It is set back amongst the bush, behind industry along the Stuart Highway – the best bit is between Berrimah and Wicked NRG/BCF Palmerston!

Jingili Water Gardens Loop

Great loop with some big hills, the Path is mostly smooth but is often covered in twigs. A good cruising break from the Skate Park, as it’s in the same area!

Other skate spots:

Old tennis courts behind Parap Pool

They’re smooth and unused – great to practice speed & turns, and street skating! The courts at Lyons Park are also great – and it’s worth checking with your local school – most allow use of courts on weekends!

Parap road safety school

When you want to skate smoooooooth road bitumen, without the danger of cars! Fun turns and obstacles, just watch out for the kids on bikes!

Parap skate spots
Parap Road Safety School

Austin Lane (please obey all road rules)

Local’s tips from Shiner Town & Darwin Skate School:

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