Litchfield without the crowds – Upper Cascades

Need a getaway – but looking to avoid the crowds clambering down the steps at the beautiful Florence Falls?

As always, we’ve got the hot tip for you – The Cascades is where you want to be!

For this journey, make sure you have your walking shoes on – reaching the Upper Cascades is slightly more difficult than many other hot-spots in Litchfield, but this also means you will have less people to contend with for a spot in the sparkling waters once you arrive!

If you’re coming from the sealed road from Batchelor, continue out Litchfield Park Road, past the Wangi Falls turn-off, and continue approx. 5km until you see the Cascades car park turn-off to the right. (It shows up in google maps as The Cascades car park!)

The ‘back way’ past Berry Springs is fully sealed now, and it’s actually quicker if you want to go that way – in which case it’s the next major carpark after Walker Creek – if you reach Wangi you’ve gone too far!

The Upper Cascades is open year-round – the Lower Cascades and falls are generally closed during the wet, so make sure you check the park access report – but we always go up!

The walk to Upper Cascades is approx. 1.6km (3.8km return) but takes you across flat open plains, through a small patch of monsoonal rainforest, and up some rocks to the tabletop plateau, which provides some epic views!

Just as you’re wondering how much further you have to go, you’ll start to hear the trickling of water in the distance. Coming down the hill to the sight of crystal clear water and only a few people to share it with is the best kind of reward – and the cascades have mini rock pools and a mostly sandy bottom, the perfect natural jacuzzi!

There are no facilities at the Cascades, so make sure you have made your toilet stop, and are carrying plenty of water and snacks before you head off on your adventure!

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