Painting the town: a guide to the Darwin Street Art Festival

Darwin has started to rival the likes of Berlin, Melbourne and Brazil for it’s eclectic and abundant street art. This is all thanks to the Darwin Street Art Festival which is now running for it’s fourth year.

2020 has seen 16 new murals painted across the city this year, bringing the total to 48 murals now decorating Darwin city, from Cullen Bay to the Waterfront.

You can take a self-guided tour of the street art, but make sure you download the new Darwin Street Art Festival app which provides you with a live map, compass and information about each artwork. And the best bit? There are 10 augmented reality (AR) pieces that you can experience.

The street art map showcases all the murals around the city, from the year they were produced, so if you’ve seen the old stuff and just after the latest art, it’s super easy to find what’s new.

Darwin Street Art Map 2020
Darwin Street Art Map 2020

Up your Instagram game with the AR turtle swimming through the sky, slithering snakes, cheeky dogs, flying parrots, House of Darwin icons, and more!

Some of our favourite new works are Cindy May’s watermelon wave at the Waterfront, Colin Holt’s trees in West Lane, Dion Beasley’s Cheeky Dogs in Shadforth Lane and Pennyrose Wiggin’s flying birds also at the Waterfront.

Our local’s tip is to grab your mates and make an afternoon of the street art tour by popping in and out of Darwin’s local establishments along the way for a cocktail or frothy one.

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