Litchfield Central Valley: A guide to the Top End’s newest camping spots

A few weeks ago, we ventured past our usual spots to set up camp at Litchfield Central Valley, the newly opened Litchfield National Park campground!

Litchfield Central Valley
Jumping in at campsite 1

The road is directly in the middle of the park regardless of whether you go the Berry Springs or the Batchelor way – so take your pick – and turn down the same road that takes you to the Lost City.

It’s unsealed and there is a locked gate, so to enter Litchfield’s Central Valley you will need to pre-order a permit, and you can do this here. This means they’ll never get crowded – but it does mean your camping trip will require a degree of forward planning too!

You can only book permits for 3 months in advance, and you will be able to secure one campsite per permit, with a maximum of 6 people per site… (there are currently 10 sites!)

By next dry season, there will be a day use area accessible by the unsealed road, before 4wd tracks break off into each of the 3 campgrounds, and 33 sites.

At present, only Campground 1 is open – the road is quite rocky, and the hill on the way back up from the campsites is quite steep and sandy at the start – it’s a fun little drive, but definitely 4WD essential!

The campground has two toilets, and each site is spaced out. Each site also has its own fire pit and short 10-20m walkway to your own little section of the creek – How good!

Cooling off

But we know you only came here to find out about where you could swim… the creek itself is very Buley Rockhole / Walker Creek vibes, with both shallow rockpools and deeper sections – the perfect camping creek!

While we were out there we snapped some locals enjoying a weekend trip from Darwin and asked them for THEIR tips… They actually set up a shade in the shallows of a rockpool and enjoyed the whole day down in the water – smart!!!

They also recommend the short walking path downstream from the sites at 7/8/9 end – it’s worth a little adventure – pictured below!

Group hanging out past the bottom campsites

Unfortunately they did open quite late in the season and it will close around November for the wet… luckily for you guys, we’ve scoped it out for you – so you can add Litchfield Central Valley to the list for next year!

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